Young reggae musician Bornfire Dube supports #feesmustfall education movement, pursuant to his African dream

The neo-African reggae dancehall performer Bornfire Dube revealed that ‘free education system for all’ phenomena motivates him to sing revolutionary songs in modern context. Ever since he started to sing reggae music, Ras Dube has been vocal on the importance of education in black society. Lately, the Masvingo born musician has openly declared his full support on South African #feesmustfall movement activist Bonginkosi Khanyile who was sentenced earlier this year in relation to free education protests. He also recorded exclusive art piece in relation to this trending subject matter, citing that reggae music is all about informing people about their human rights.
The multi-talented artiste is adamant that the issue of eradicating illiteracy in sub-Sahara is critical and there is no way he can keep quiet about it while the fellow youth are suffering out there. In his new hit single song named after trending twitter handle #feesmustfall, Bornfire Dube appeals to leaders of SADAC countries to listen to the voices of youth by responding swiftly to the demands of the #feesmustfall education crusade.
In an exclusive interview, the Ras Dube said “It is unfortunate that young leader Bonginkosi Khanyile has been sentenced. However, I foresee #feesmustfall movement spreading faster across various Southern African states. It is up to the leadership of these countries to implement sophisticated ‘free education system for all’ in a lightning speed, or else youth will irrevocably revolt against their regime in favour of flexible heads of states who will make free schooling a priority”
Previously Bornfire Dube has composed songs such as ‘No Education’ from his debut album, wherein he willingly told the world the hardships and the sufferings he went through in life due to lack of tertiary education. He also penned down another classic art piece titled ‘African Son, Go To School’ on which he encourages ghetto children to prioritize education instead of crime.
“Reggae is not an ordinary music, but a philosophic prophesy about truth and social transformation. I chose to be a Rasta because Jahman are peaceful righteous people. My support to #feesmustfall is informed by Rastafarians principles. Education is the only weapon we need to liberate African people from mental slavery” emphasised Ras Dube unapologetically stating that he is planning a music tour in countries such as Zimbabwe and Mozambique to promote his up-coming album Justice Delayed, Is Justice Denied.
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