Mdundo Twitterview: Peeping Into Allan Toniks' New Year Plans

Mdundo got lucky enough to have a Valentines date. We've talked to Allan Toniks a couple of times and we just thought to catch up on his plans for 2019. You'll be excited to know, he actually has a lot planned so watch the space. 

How's Valentine's today? What's the plan?

Hehe, I'm already late for my lunch date.

How has 2019 been for you musically so far? Any highlights?

Setting my release dates as we speak. Lots of collabos.

Any projects you're working on this year? What should your fans expect from you?

Doing more of collabos.. with both artistes & DJs.

Could you give us a hint of some of the artists featured in the collabos?

Nutty Neithan, Bruno K, Fille and a few more. Watch this space

Which is your best performing song this year so far?

I encourage all my fans & good music lovers fans to vote 'Romance' for best afropop song in the Hiphop music awards!! 

What's your view of the UG music industry right now?

Its definitely not stagnant, lots of interesting new sounds.

Top 3 songs on your playlist right now?

Vibes by jkells

Kyoyoya by Andre

Number by Irene Ntale

As we wind up, if you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be?

Many don't get to be remembered. To be remembered in itself, is a mark made.

Thank you your time today.... What's your parting shot to your fans?

God over everything! More life, more love, more music, more happiness. May that be the sound track of your lives. keep supporting Allan Toniks music..blessings!!

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