New Release by Mbuvi 'Discombobulate'

Let's all just begin here; DISCOMBOBULATE is an English word that means to Confuse or Disconcert. Now that that is out  of the way, your favourite king of energy, Mbuvi has released a new one. 

He picked up the year on A pretty good note, 'Discombobulate' comes after his release of 'Mwiai Osa Nguma' in January. Proving to be versatile, this new track takes a style a little off his signature. Talking of love and it's literally way more laid back, there's not much colour blocking, dancing and hype in this one. 

The best summary for this song is in the bridge... and the message simply is the secret to love is to know the creator of Love who is Love, and that if one delights in Him, God will perfect all his/her desires and will freely give Him or Her all they desire. That too applies to matters of the Heart which trouble many in this world! If God is not involved in the matters of the heart, then its possible for your heart to blindly trust those with the potential to severely hurt it.

Audio Production by Jaymoh Layman/Potters House and video by GK Macharia/MMP. 

Listen to Discombobulate on Mdundo

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