Prezzo Makes a 'King' Comeback to Music

It's been a minute but the president himself is back. Dropping his hot new 'King,' Prezzo has just broken the silence in style. 

He established a strong brand in Kenya's Hiphop scene from back in the day creating big hit sensations such as 'Let's Get Down' featuring Nazizi, 'Nipe Nikupe featuring AY and his biggest ever signature blast 'Ma Fans.'

The veteran Kenyan hiphop sensation has for a while been on the sidelines featuring in other major artist's music. He has recently worked with the great names of Nonini, Jaguar, Magix Enga, just to mention a few. 

He also made his debut appereance in film, acting in Season 2 of Nairobi Diaries; one of Kenya's most acclaimed Reality TV Shows. He exited the show and hinted about working on resurfacing in music. 

Prezzo has chosen to kick start 2019 with a bang coming in with a new sound that is definitely irresistable. 'King' has adopted a fresh contemporary hiphop style  infused with the great old Prezzo rap signature. He takes an unconventional choice of production so that his hooks are done by a session musician who gives the song an A-class ambiance. 

Having been away for a while, his latest hit recaps his entire music journey. Right from the days he was a Chaguo La Teeniez nominee all the way to being among Kenya's longest  and most influencial Hiphop artist. The video features beautiful shots of Nairobi City. 

'King' is a Main Switch Production

Listen to King by Prezzo On Mdundo

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