KENYA: Kenyan Celebrities Come Together To Preach Peace In The Most Outstanding Way

Kenyans are 11 days away from finally electing their leaders for the next five years. Politicians are all over campaigning their hearts out, giving promises to Kenyans left, right and center. It’s one thing to actually say one thing and fulfill and it’s something else to say the same thing but never fulfill.

Kenyans over the years have opened their eyes are more aware on who they want to lead them. Incitement is something that has been witnessed for a pretty long time and the people of this country are slowly shutting down leaders who incite them to do things against their will.

Well, Kenyan celebrities have come together or rather joined hands to preach peace across the country, urging their fellow country men to vote wisely and not to fight their brothers and sisters. They also reminded us that the people we fight for don’t really care because in one way or another they are friends but hide it flawlessly.

Celebrities such as Size 8, DJ Mo, Wahu, Chipukeezy, Njugush, Eric Omondi, Avril, Nameless, Timmy Tdat, Alemba, Bruz Newton, Hopekid among others, are urging Kenyans to say no to violence and to stand with each other to make Kenya a better place.

Watch the video below to get the full message.


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