Kenyan - American rapper Ramsey, releasing his debut video soon

Kenyan - American recording rapper, songwriter, and actor Ramzey Siele has had people talking ever since the release of his debut single ‘Movie’ which won fans over with its edgy up beat style mirroring the current culture, and as he explained to Mdundo, it was inspired by his life experiences,

"Movie was really inspired by my experiences and the relationships I’ve been in ,I always write a song based off of the vibe it gives off and how I’m feeling at the time. I wanted to make a genuine song about my thoughts on women/the women I’ve been with and highlight the positive aspects of it all.The past few years have really been surreal, and everything I’ve done has really been like a "Movie"

He is in the production process of the video for the single and as he explained fans should expect nothing short of amazing,

"I like working with creatives and people that try to do things different so the video for this single is going to be very creative and exciting for fans"

You can download the single straight to your phone by following the link below.

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