KENYA: The Swahili Speaking Mzungu Gilad Set to Shut it Down this Weekend at His First Ever Live Concert

Shhh! Can you smell that? No I’m not talking about the rain, I’m talking about the weekend. Yes, it finally here, the first weekend of the month so I know your wallets are all thick and you’re looking for the perfect plan to help your wallet loose that extra weight and I just may have the perfect plot for the weekend.  

I’m talking about the Gilad Live concert. I know you’ve all heard him and you sing along to his inspiring songs in the shower and tomorrow is your chance to finally hear him perform live on stage.

Yes, the Swahii speaking Mzungu Gilad will finally be getting up on stage in front of thousands tomorrow on Saturday, April 2 at the Waterfront Gardens at the Nairobi Racecourse.

It’s going to be a night of performances from various other stars including Adelle Onyango, DJ Pierra, Wendy Kimani, Juliani, Ammi The Veggie Man, H_Art the Band, Dela, Eric Wainaina, Wesley the DJ and Superband.

The likes of King Kaka, Wangechi, Sauti Sol and many more are also expected to grace the red carpet.

So there you have the perfect plot to kick start your month, see you there.

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