KENYA: Gilad Narrates His 'Coming of Age' Story on the Official Video of 'Salama'

Now there’s no doubt about it, Gilad is one of the best lyricists and song writers in Kenya and if his song Salama does not move you at all, you probably have an ice-cold iceberg in place of your heart.

In Salama he addresses the also so serious racial issue and how it felt for him when he came to Kenya for the first time. And while it may not be our usual ‘coming of age’ story, his life did change when this happened.

Produced by MG Studios, Salama is a mix of Jazz and Reggae a common blend that always seems to work. But what stands out the most is the Saxophone solo by Don Ochieng, breathtaking to say the least.

The video is directed by Mushking. Watch it here;

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