Kantai working on new track with STL

Chris Kantai, popularly known as “Chris to the Kentada” or simply Kantai, was and still is one of the best rappers to step into the Kenyan music scene.

After a long hiatus from the music scene, he made attempts to come back to the music scene last year amidst allegations that he was a drunk and this year he has made his presence felt in the music scene with his new track, Almighty,that got people saying that he has gotten saved, however in an exclusive interview with Mdundo, Kantai denied this claims,

“I did not get saved, people are only saying that because the track is named Almighty,but I am a Christian and all I did in the track is thank God and my family for everything they have done for me”.

He also shared that he’s working on a remix of the popular jam,”Jinga hii”

“STL will be flying in for the remix of Jinga Hii soon and I will be working on more projects later on so I definitely have a lot planned for this year.”

Among the pioneer artists, Kantai wowed his fans with hits like,Welcome Home, Kewowo and one of the most jammed to, Huu ni nani ; he also worked on Happy with award winning female rapper STL which paved way for her into the Kenyan music industry.

It definitely looks like a promising year for the determined artist, so I’m looking forward to hear how his new track with STL will sound.

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