EXCLUSIVE (KENYA): Gilad The Swahili Speaking 'Mzungu' Talks to Us About 'Rangi Ya Bahari' and Reveals Secrets Behind His Music (PART 2)

You have three songs out and a video for each one, do you intend to keep up with this trend for your future songs?

I want to release a couple of new songs still and then work to finish a full album of music.

What is your reason for working with the same producer on all your songs? And do you plan on continuing this working relationship throughout your musical career?

First of all if it’s not broken why fix it? MG is not just a producer he has become a close friend.  We understand each other musically without even speaking. We work very well together and honestly MG's contribution to the end result is massive. These songs are as much a result of his creativity as they are of mine. As for the future,  I believe that whatever is supposed to happen will happen.

In your opinion what is your experience working with 'A-list' artists (someone like Wendy) versus an upcoming artist (Gachago)?

Every person is a world of their own. Wendy is an experienced musician with an amazing voice and she knows how to use it and she brought that experience and her huge personality to Unajua. Gachago did the same, just like Wendy he decided how he would sing his parts. There are so many musicians and artists I've met recently and they are so talented.  Experience makes a difference but just because someone is not well known doesn't mean they lack musicianship.

What name have you chosen for your upcoming album? How long will it take? and Other Future plans beyond that.

Hoping to have an album ready to release in a few months, but I'm not revealing the name, it’s good to surprise people.  However, those who have been watching my social media posts can probably figure it out.

There are also lots of other surprises in store, but what's most important is that we continue to make music that inspires people and that they enjoy listening to and it takes them away from their daily troubles for a moment and uplifts their souls. That’s what I think music is supposed to do.



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