NEW MUSIC (KENYA): Kayvo Kforce Takes Down, Juliani, Khali, Rabbit And Octo In Less Than 3 Minutes!

So the debate has been going on for quite a while now over 'Who is King of the 254 rap' and from this, the music fraternity has had more than just talk happening; diss tracks one after the other have filled the airawaves. And today, veteran rapper and Kibera's original slay machine, Kayvo Kforce joined in!

He dropped his new jam 'Kill A King'. His two cents. And in the jam he disses everyone! I'm talking, Juliani, Khaligraph, Rabbit and Octo!
Allow me to steer you through some of the bars that went straight for the kill:

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''Khaligraph na Juliani, bado wachanga kwangu, kama ni mistari huwa nawachenga kama Kanu.... ambia Juliani akisoma kwa Bible kuhusu Meshack, me huwa ndani ya furnace mahali ni kumoto kuliko oven, ndo maana huwa naspit straight fire kila direction''


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And it doesn't end there. No, Kayvo effortlessy uses wordplay to switch flows and serve every rapper he deems, ''wanting''.

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''Niliskia diss ya Khaligraph nikasema 'it could be better', nikaskia ya Juliani nikabaki disrespect nivenye wewe ni veteran kwwa hii mchezo, na hiyo diss track ni mchezo. Iko na less content kushinda maandishi ya leso....''

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Listen to the jam below and compare it to all the recent diss tracks from the above mentioned rappers who claim the title 'King', and let us know who's better.

''May the K-force be with you''



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