Mejja and Pizo Dizo come together in a legendary collabo!!

Grandpa records seems to be unstoppable when it comes to setting new trends and maintaining its pace as one of the fastest growing record labels in East Africa; It is therefore no surprise that they have come together with Calif records in what can only be described as magical collaboration that features the ever hilarious Mejja and Grandpas finest female rapper Pizo Dizo.

The song titled “Quality ka hizo” is set to be launched today at club Tribeka during wakilisha nite from 7pm and as Pizo Dizo explains it is a song that will bring out a very different side of her fans have not seen “Ma fans wangu wanasemanga ati mi hua nahate kwa vijana kwa mawimbo zangu ka zote so kwa this song sijadiss mtu, it’s just a fun song and I’m sure people will really enjoy it”

She further went on to say “Working with Mejja was one of the best experiences ever, he is such a down to earth guy and very hilarious ,I couldn’t keep a straight face any moment I was in a room with him, from video shoot to kukua kwa studio”

The song which was written all in one day will have the audio and video released today with the two artists hosting a live performance, so fans should gear up for a legendary and fun night ahead as they get the chance to interact and mingle with the artists.

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