EXCLUSIVE (KENYA): Hip Hop Lovers Have A Reason To Be Happy, And This EP Is To Thank!

Released on July 10th, JAY MISIKO the EP is a throwback compilation that is StaticSupreme's self introduction into the Kenyan music industry. It is a brief but immersing sound put together by Soundgord (mikebeats) and an addition to to the fast broadening Kenyan musical scene.


With seven titles the ep is a statement of foundation this artist is making for himself. Look out for more from this artist. Representing Kenya.


An invitation to the JAY MISIKO ep experience, and an usher to the first title on the ep

Rolling: This single is a play on an unsusal day that takes us from the arival of three pests into a room to a swirl of events centered around Nairobi, a rendition of a classic.

Now I'm in the lime light: A rapskit into a retro arena with a Jamaican finish.

Somebody loves you: With a sample from one of the greatest, somebody loves you is a bellow of expressions of endeerment of ma man to his lover.

Theatre: Is a complex but speedy swahili rap skit that resounds back to the classic age of old school

Turudi nyumbani: Definitely one that stands out as a cocktail or mordern Kenyan rap with a sample from one of kenyas early musicians

Nimejam (outrow): Winds up this throwback ep with a sound of what is to come in StaticSupreme's next album, a bridge from old school to newschool hiphop and a taste of what is to come.

Get the entire  EP via this link >> JAY MISIKO all for free! 

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