Omah Lay Opens Up on Battle With Suicidal Depression

[Omah Lay/Tribune Online]
Written by Kinyua Pharis

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‘Godly’ hitmaker Omah Lay has opened up on his battle with suicidal depression and how he fought a constant urge to take away his life. 
The Port-Harcourt-born musician opened out about his struggle with depression and how he used the experience to inspire his music in an interview with H Steph.
According to Omah Lay, he found it necessary to speak out in the effort to help out those who could also be going through the same thing. 

He says that most people battling depression shy from talking about how they feel which leads to suicidal thoughts. 
“I have to be there to actually help the people who are there right now to get out of that place. I mean it will take a real person like me to go there and then make music out of it and talk about it so openly how I’m a mess,” he stated. 

That’s why he decided to do reflective and deep Afrobeats songs based on his experience in battling a mental disease. 
He is happy that he is doing something other Afrobeats artists are not doing because all they do is hype without offering fans raw facts about life. 
Also, growing up in Marine Base, mostly a harbour ground for criminals hardened him and taught him many things about life. 
With these experiences, expect his music to continue being deep.

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