Mdundo DJ Spotlight: DJ Venum Quit Rapping for DJing and It's Paying Off

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Aletor Jordan aka DJ Venom is a budding DJ from Edo State Nigeria. He likes djing because it’s not like the regular 9 - 5 job that puts you in a  strict routine. 

This week on Mdundo DJ Stories, the vibrant DJ shares his DJ story with our correspondent. Here’s how the chat went below: -

- Hi DJ, please tell us about yourself.

My name is Aletor Jordan popularly known as DJ Venum. I am from Edo State but grew up in Lagos, Nigeria.


- Tell us about your journey and how did you start DJing?

I was just a normal guy in high school then that would just be moving from one classroom to another classroom rapping. Immediately after I finished high school, I started going to the studio for recordings. Along the line, I switched to being a DJ. 


- Why did you choose to be a DJ as your professional career?

I chose to be a DJ because I noticed it was kind of easier to catch up with.

It's not like a 9 to 5 job that is stressful, I can wake up whenever I like except if I have an event. And it also allows me to juggle between professions. 


- What was the struggle like while starting, and what are the challenges you are currently facing?

Well, it was really tough for me, because I had to save money to buy laptops and DJing gadgets. I would even play at events for free and all costs were on me.

When I started DJing, I had issues with not knowing the right songs to play for an event. 

At the moment, I don't think I have any challenges but if I do, it would be a marketing strategy challenge which reputable platforms like Mdundo Nigeria, Mad Solutions, Mainland Block Party and the rest of them will help me overcome. 

- Do you think that the DJ world has given women adequate representation?

Oh yes of course. Take a look at the likes of DJ Tgarbs, DJ  Lambo, DJ Nana, DJ Electra, DJ  Wysei, DJ Kiss, DJ  Tbaj and the rest of them. They are all doing fine, they are getting booked and getting endorsement deals, that's to let you know, being a female DJ is not a barrier.


- How do you balance your life as a professional DJ, your family and your study?

I always apply principles to whatever I do. I make sure I create time whenever it is necessary for me.


- Which big concert do you dream of playing at?

Talking about Concerts, I think one of the biggest concerts in Nigeria is the Mainland Block party, no cap.

My dreams have already come to pass because I usually share the stages with most of the Nigerian artistes at the Mainland Block Party. Big shout out to Alhaji Popping for the great opportunities.


- Where do you feel most comfortable? In the studio or on stage?

On stage and most times in the studio.


- How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

As a DJ that gets booked almost every week, my eyes are always on the music chart. I make sure I stay up to date by comparing music charts from all music platforms.


- Are there any DJs on or off the scene that you look up to or who inspires you?

Yes; DJ Consequence, DJ Massive, DJ Big N, DJ Kush, DJ Debby, DJ Dotwine, DJ Prince, and DJ Tohbad to mention a few.


- Which Naija artist will you like to play for and why?

To be honest, I just can't mention or choose just one Naija artist because the list is long. Well, I would choose OdumoduBlvck. His kind of energy is just out of this world.


- What advice would you give to your past self, and those who want to take up DJing as a career? 

To always keep being me, and to all the rising DJs, always stay focused and be unique, thank you.

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