Rap About Something Else Not Just Money, Kafui Dey Tells Ghanaian rappers

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Kafui Dey, a Ghanaian media personality has thrown a challenge to rappers in Ghana to think outside the box and not just about money which is what most of their content is about. 

Kafui says the bars in modern hip hop from Ghana lack creativity as rap artists back home compete outdoing each other solely by using money lyrics. He asserts that the majority of lyrics in local Ghanaian rap songs are arguments over how much money each artist has made or a demonstration of how wealthy one artist is compared to another. The biggest culprits in all this, Dey said in a tweet, is a new breed of Ghanaian rappers whose artistic creativity starts and ends with money and a king-like life courtesy of wealth. 

“Listening to some Ghanaian rap on radio and all the songs are about making money how much money they have, how they will make money by all means, how they have money more than other people etc. Every verse has ‘sika’ or ‘money’,” he stated. However, some tweeps disagreed with him citing that rapper Lyrical Joe is redefining Ghanaian hip-hop with motivational lyrics. 

YPA, responded to Dey saying that the reason why money makes it in most lyrics is that it sells and fans relate better with such message. “Hip-hop/rap is not just some genre that depends entirely on creativity, like maybe classical or jazz. Rap is a direct reflection of the culture around the artiste. If he's having money issues, or finally getting some coins after a struggle, he can't be expected to rap about,” he tweeted. 

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