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Written By: Brian Sikulu

Download the Best Kenyan Hits Mixes On Mdundo

The Kenyan music industry has experienced immense growth over the past couple of years. A lot of transformation in various aspects such as genres has been witnessed. One key aspect that continues to grow exponentially on the music scene is the invasion of vernacular songs.

Various vernacular music has earned a spot in modern-day music. One such type of music that has become outstanding is Kamba music which is popularly identified by its signature instrumental. This genre of music stems from the Eastern region of Kenya which is dominantly occupied by the Kamba ethnic group.

In this article, we sample five mixes that present the best of Kamba music.

Kamba Gospel Mix

This is the perfect mix for those looking for spiritual nourishment. It features deep praise and worship songs that are most suitable for religious gatherings. Wilberforce Musyoka is among the top music ministers who have dominated the mix.

Kamba Night Mix

This mix is for revellers and party lovers. It presents danceable songs that are perfect for entertainment setups such as clubs and parties. The tracks on this piece are rich in local instrumentals.

Among the top songs featured on this mix are; 'Sharo Mueni', 'Uka Mueni', and 'Mapenzi Ya Facebook' among many others.

Alex Kasau & Stephen Kasolo Mix

Alex Kasau and Stephen Kasolo rank among the most influential artists in Kamba music. This mix is a blend of popular songs from the two music stars. The beauty of this mix is in its diversity. Whereas Alex Kasau presents secular music, Stephen Kasolo presents gospel music. This makes the mix to be suitable for the majority of Kamba music lovers.

The following are some of the songs on the mix: 'Kasheshe', 'Pewa Pewa', Maima', 'Take Over', and 'Kivilenge' among others.

Ken wa Maria Vs. Kativui Mweene

This is a showdown mix that pins two of the most talented Kamba musicians against each other. It samples the best songs from the legendary Ken Wa Maria and Kativui Mweene. The two artists are known for their immense contribution to the growth of the genre.

This mix features the following songs: 'Yori Yori Kakwa', 'Niki-Muuvuthya-Ngai', and 'Ai-Nina-Nduuka' among many others.

Kamba Mix

This is a general mix that samples the best and most popular songs from Kamba music. This mix has been tailored for Kamba music lovers. It brings together the most celebrated artists and their songs. It serves multiple themes across society and is applicable to a wide audience.

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