Mombasa Based Afrofusion songstress Larota Releases Intro Video Off Upcoming Album "Dala

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Afro-fusion music speaks to many from the streets of Africa, those that love the combination of African musical styles with a bit of contemporary music. Meet emerging Mombasa-based Afrofusion songstress Larota who uses her local dialect to tell stories through her music. She is also an activist through fusing her music with psychology to tackle mental health issues.

The Mombasa-based songstress has released her intro video off her upcoming album "Dala" dates yet to be announced.
In her Intro video, Larota wants her fans to feel like they are with her on a journey that will make them curious to get to know where she's headed and where she really wants her audience to go in terms of the sound she's giving them.
La rota's music has been an uncertain journey of major highs and lows. The search for her true identity through sound has been a bittersweet process. Having lived in three major towns her comprehension of how she is deeply rooted in her culture has really grown hence the development of the sound she wants to achieve as she tells stories. La rota's afro-fusion debut album Made In Kenya is an excellent expression of her achievement towards the destination she wants to reach. Afro is where home (DALA) is and that is the place she intends to be.

What does the story of the intro symbolize or mean?
The story symbolises using my music to tell stories that will live for generations to come. It is important to use art to help conserve our culture and make sure our children don’t lose their identity.La rota's career is growing beyond borders and she has a surprise for her fans come 2023. Expect very exotic mind-blowing projects from the amazing phenomenal songstress.

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