New Music Kenya: Bahati , Diana B, Ssaru & Sosuun 'Mambo Ya Mhesh Remix'

[Image Source: Instagram]

Written By: Brian Sikulu

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Kenyan music star Bahati has released 'Mambo Ya Mhesh Remix' featuring Kenya star rappers Diana B, Ssaru, and Sosuun. The remix comes barely a month after Bahati made headlines with the song's original version. The new release has been treated to an even warmer reception among the fans.

Bahati opens up with the chorus of the song before Sosuun jumps on the first verse. The rapper drops heavy punchlines with her energetic flow. Sosuun's participation in the project becomes the talk of the town with her unexpected feature. Unlike the rest of the artists on the remix, Sosuun has never worked with Bahati on a music project. She, therefore, presented a new vibe to the song. Her chemistry with Bahati from the video to the audio was seamless and epic.

Ssaru takes the song to the climax in the second verse. The poetic lyrism expressed by the youngster and eloquence in the delivery of the punchlines leave one with goosebumps. Ssaru provides a perfect transition between Sossun's and Diana B's verses in the song.

To everyone's bliss, when one would think the song could not get any better, Diana B drops the most insanely creative verses. The majority of the fans were impressed by Diana B. What made her verse even more impressive was that the video was shot while she was in the hospital after delivering her third child.

'Mambo Ya Mhesh Remix' has taken the Kenyan music scene by storm and is currently leading in various music charts.

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