OPINION: More explicit content by yet another Kenyan artist!

If you thought ‘Kudinyana’ by Collo and STL had explicit content then I guess you’ve not set your ears on ‘Thumbs Up’ by Bamzigi.

I still don’t even understand why the song had to cause all that controversy, Hypocrisy much! So you can listen to Rihanna or Nicki Minaj sing about sex but not STL? You can listen to ‘Tap Out’ Rich Gang (Lil Wayne) but not Collo? what about ‘Bend over’ by RDX?

Anyway that being said, Bamzigi has a track out about ‘kudinyana’ and to spice it up there’s a woman moaning on the background half the entire song .

Bamzigi is paving the way of a new musical-fusion movement that he Created and dubbed ‘Mizuka Style.’ With songs like Bachette, Mizuka and Mutumia, he’s the leading EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artists in Kenya. Off his new style is the ‘X’ rated song ‘Thumps up.’

The song is so explicit with lyrics like ‘…Bamzi am so horny put your thumb up my a**…’ the song has sound effects of a woman moaning a sex scene in the background. The next verse Bamzi goes like ‘…Panua steaky!!...And I hit it from the back...’ not even ‘Kudinyana’ is this explicit.

When releasing the song Bamzigi had to post a warning on his facebook page that it’s strictly for 21 and over and unlike Collo’s & STL, ‘Thumbs Up’ was not leaked he actually meant for it to be out.

Enough of the talk, download the song via the link tagged below and we can now turn the bile on Bamzigi.

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