Khaligraph ‘Sifu Bwana’, and other Top Trending Kenyan Collabos in 2022 so far

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By Brian Sikulu

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Collaboration among musicians brings the best out of them as it combines their styles of music into one song. It merges their fan bases and increases the chances of the songs being successful. Three months into 2022, the Kenyan music scene has already been graced with top collaborations that have earned immense success. Here are collaborations from Kenyan artists that topped the charts so far in 2022;

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Sifu Bwana - Khaligraph Jones Ft Nyashinski

'Sifu Bwana' was one song that took Kenyans by surprise. The collaboration between Khaligraph and Nyashinski was unforeseen to many given the allegations that the two were beefing. The content of the song was also one that no one would ever have predicted as the two are secular Hip-hop musicians. The songwriting and presentation is suitable for every music lover regardless of age. 'Sifu Bwana', a gospel praise song, has received more than a million views on YouTube despite being a lyrical video.

Woman - Otile Brown ft Harmonize

After he was criticized for failing to feature Kenyan musicians in his 'High School' album, Harmonize promised to make it up to his Kenyan fans. It is from that promise that 'Woman' by Otile Brown featuring Harmonize was born. Otile Brown for a long time has created his niche in Swahili love songs and the Bongo genre. The chemistry between him and the Konde Music Worldwide President, who is also a star in the Bongo genre, was, therefore, one of a kind. The poetry expressed in the song spices it up even more. 'Woman' which is otherwise referred to as 'Aisha' has been viewed more than five million times on YouTube within two months.

Hiroshima - Khaligraph Jones ft Dax

'Hiroshima' from Khaligraph's 'Invisible Currency' album has been received warmly across the world. The combination of Khaligraph's hardcore rapping style with that of Canadian rapper Dax was epic. Produced under Blu ink corp, 'Hiroshima' has exposed Kenyan Hip Hop music to the world.

Jali - Sanaipei Tande ft Nyashinski

Sanaipei Tande's latest music project dubbed 'Jali' featuring celebrated rapper Nyashinski has won over the hearts of many. A good number of the fans have expressed adoration for the lyrics of the song and the flow of the story. The two artists address a two-sided story of unfaithfulness in a relationship.

Mubaba - Diana Bahati Ft Vinny Flava

Diana B successfully cemented her debut in the music industry with 'Mubaba' hit song in which she featured the upcoming star 'Vinny Flava'. The song whose message loosely translates to a young person going out to have fun with an older partner, went viral on social media, earning over a million views on YouTube.

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