Daddy Andre Educates Ugandan Artists How to Produce Global Music

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By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Daddy Andre has urged fellow musicians to consider diversifying their music catalogue, in a bid to increase their chances of gong international.

Speaking during an interview with Galaxy FM, Daddy Andre noted that the music industry keeps changing; therefore it is good to be versatile and dynamic.

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"Every artist should be free to sing in whatever genre they are comfortable with but they should also move around and see what's trending. They shouldn't stay in one place, that's why you find me juggling different genres,” he said.

A number of musicians have stuck to one genre just because it gave them a hit song, however, Daddy Andre encourages them to study and learn from what is working in different parts of the world.

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"When you do this, you keep learning and releasing new stuff. But budding musicians want to stick to that one voice, same style and not explore. If the beat comes, try out different artists' music styles because we have freedom to explore,” he opined.

Daddy Andre has a number of songs that are receiving airplay from people abroad but haven't been recognized by Ugandans. According to the singer, he releases timeless music that can be consumed across the world.

"This helps my music to stay on longer, giving people time to learn the art in my beats, voice and introduction,” he added.

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