Jackie Chandiru Promises New Album & Great Musical Experience in 2022

[Image Source: Jacky Chandiru Instagram]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Jackie Chandiru has opened up on her 2022 music plans, noting that she plans to have a huge concert and later release an album.

"Ugandans should wait for me all over the media as long as they give me a chance to explore exactly what I have to offer. I'm working on my album with a number of producers like Andy Music, Bomba Music, Dking plus a number of producers who can understand my vocals," she said.

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The industry has been on lockdown for close to two years, giving fans time to explore more new talent. Bring a veteran artist, Jackie says she is not afraid of competition because she believes Ugandans are hungry for various sources of entertainment.

“It's been two years without Ugandans getting entertainment so they are hungry to watch different artists. Besides, some of us haven't been seated. We have been releasing music so I know Ugandans will accommodate," she said.

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Now that she is fully back on her feet, Jackie is thinking about a concert for fans who missed her stage presence.

"The concert will be there. Before I hesitated to have one because I felt I didn't have enough content to give to my fans. But this year is my year musically," Jackie Chandiru told Kookie Promotions.

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