Bruno K ‘Kadama’: New Music Uganda

[Image Source: Bruno K Instagram]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Bruno K has released a new song dubbed 'Kadama'.

In 'Kadama', Bruno K hails Ugandan ladies working abroad especially in the Middle East, who are often insulted and made fun of because of what they do.

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In a social media post, Bruno hailed them for their bravery and encouraged them to be proud of what they do because they are appreciated.

“Somebody yesterday asked me why I am releasing Kadama. These young ladies working in the Middle East have not been appreciated enough by society and many people especially on social media have tried so much to Diss the jobs they do yet they earn more than most of you back here at home,” Bruno K said.

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“From today onwards I want these ladies to be proud and know that they are being loved and appreciated by people like me. I am going to be their mouthpiece and am also going to stand with them in whatever situation they will pass through. To all the proud KADAMA’S, boss ladies, house managers I love you so much and I have a lot of respect for you my people,” he added.

The lyrics were penned down by Nikoly while the audio was produced by Robbi PRO. Bruno K is one of the famous Ugandan artists on social media App, TikTok where most of the Kadamas are.

On the visualizer uploaded on his YouTube channel, Bruno K celebrates these ladies by featuring their photos in a slide show.

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