DJ Maphorisa Reveals How he First Met Kabz de Small

[Image Source: Times Live]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Since the year 2009 when Kabz de small started doing music, he did his thing with a lot of passion that DJ Maphorisa noticed him. Speaking recently on Crowning Moments, Maphorisa says he first reached out to Kabz after listening to his mix tapes for a while. T

When, Kabz all-time banger ‘Umshove’ came out and Maphorisa saw an opportunity to work together with the hit maker.

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Maphorisa says that at the time, he had an event in Soweto but he needed someone from the hood to market his event well because he is from Pretoria.

He booked Stokie who gave him Kabz’s phone number and that was the beginning of their chemistry on the decks.

The relationship between DJ Maphorisa and Kabz is a benchmark for artists across the continent. These two record producers enjoy a special chemistry that compounded their breakthrough and cemented their celebrity status in South Africa and beyond.

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Maphorisa, to date, still wonders how they both made it in the industry after 10 grueling years of being behind the scenes. When they released ‘Phoyisa’, their first Amapiano track, they had to deal with more love and support from a growing fan base.

Before this, DJ Maphorisa was not as celebrated as he is today. In a past interview with Drum, he says that when ‘Phoyisa’ broke the airplays, people thought he was always a star yet it took him 10 years to acclaim the status.

Their major success was the ‘Scorpion King’ album which blew the airwaves in what he describes as unanticipated.

“When we released the Scorpion Kings album, we really just randomly dropped a body of work because we had too much music that we had done together,” he says.

“The response is definitely something we didn’t anticipate – and that’s what has made the journey so exciting,” he added.

Maphorisa describes their success as a product of hard work and determination. He notes that while they both have weaknesses and strength, they strike a professional balance that makes them the stars they are.

“As individuals we are probably the hardest working people I know. We both have our strengths and weaknesses but professionally they balance out and that makes everything work,” the ‘Izolo’ hit maker says.

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