Mixed Reactions as Nexus Music Organizes Mega Concert to Welcome Yo Maps

[Image Source: Yo Maps YouTube]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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A mega concert has been organized by Nexus music to welcome Afrobeat star Yo Maps to the label.

The label said that it never welcomed the ‘So Chabe’ star appropriately which is why the concert was organized.

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Yo Maps left Kalandanya Music Promotions (KMP) in December after realizing his first album ‘Komando’. He thanked the label for always supporting him.

“I would like to say a big thank you to KMP and it’s Management for the amazing love and support that they showed me during the year I worked with them,” said Yo Maps.

He explained that his dream of moving to Nexus was a big step in his life. “I have to keep my dream alive by taking risks and big steps in my life. Therefore I will not be renewing my contract with hopes of chasing a new dream! It is Never too late or you’ll never be too old to set new goals. That being said, I am in pursuit of a new goal in my music career,” he added.

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 Nonetheless, there are mixed reactions from Nexus fans who feel that there is inequality at the label. Some are questioning why no other concert has ever been held for another artist joining the label, yet this is happening for Yo Maps.

“What's so special about the so called yo fimo fimo? You guys have great artist Chanda na Kay, T-Sean, Chef 187 just to mention a few, he's not special then other,” Theresa Kawesa said.

Francis Kendrey had a stern warning about it all. “U are slowly messing up ba Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd how can u be treating your signed artists differently? U will soon have artists leaving your Label if u continue treating other artists like they're special than others. Bombshell Grenade released an album under your label, instead of u help her sell out the album u here showing like one artist is well better than the others. Why doing Fan's duties? That thing of showing that one artist is better than others is for fans not u. Stop been Bias.”

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