Top 10 South African House Music Songs in 2021

[Image Source: CNN]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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House music is still popular in South Africa, even though it's overshadowed by Amapiano. Artists like Black Coffee and Master KG are leading the charge. In neighboring countries like Zimbabwe and Botswana, where the South African House sound is already well established, local producers have added their own unique spin to the sound in order to make it more popular.

The sound of house music in South Africa is constantly growing and has gained notoriety on a global level.  Below are top 10 House Music songs in South Africa 2021:

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Uthando -  Prince Bulo ft. Q Twins

'Uthando', a love song by Prince Bulo and Q Twins, is a fast-paced tune. Despite the difficulties, the song concludes on a happy note with people dancing.

Shine Your Light - Master KG & David Guetta ft. Akon

Master KG and David Guetta collaborated on the song which features uplifting lyrics and exuberant Afro-house rhythms and vibes. Akon's distinctive touch adds to the song's euphoric vibe.

Ngiyakhuza - Prince Bulo and ft. Andiswa

The dynamic duo of Prince Bulo and Andiswa Live is exactly what house music needs right now. Gender-based violence is denounced in this song's lyrics as an evil practiced in South Africa.

WamiForever - Heavy K ft. Soulstar and Mo-T

As the album's lead single, Heavy K features Soulstar and Mo-T, who lends his signature trumpet lines to the track from his previous album, ‘Mi Casa’.

Gcina Impilo Yami - DJ Cleo ft. Bucy Radebe 

Cleo and renowned gospel vocalist Bucy Radebe teamed up to create one of the biggest club tracks of 2021. ‘Uzugcin Impilo Yam’ by Bucy Radebe has been remixed to create ‘Gcina Impilo Yami’, which is a more upbeat version.

Uyezwa - Prince Kaybee ft Nokwazi

The song proves that Prince Kaybee is a master. The 'Uyezwa' singer lends his powerful vocals to the track, which features Nokwazi's powerful beats and percussion. A Nokwazi performance is almost never a letdown.

Ngiyavuma -  Prince Benza ft. Master KG and Miss Twaggy

One of the most popular artists in hip-hop is featured in this romantic song by Prince Benza's production, singing, and songwriting. An expression of love in Zulu, 'Ngiyavuma' is sung.

Makazi - Busiswa ft. Mr JazziQ

To honor South African tradition, Mr JazziQ takes on the role of an indigenous healer for "Makazi.

Time - Black Coffee ft. Cassie

This time, Black coffee makes an appearance with American R&B singer Cassie. Black Coffee is able to successfully experiment with various sounds and approaches within the house genre while still remaining true to his underlying influences and influences.

Thandolwam Nguwe by Mr Brown ft. Makhadzi and Zanda Zakuza

Open Mic Productions’ best talents pieced together a beautiful love song in Zulu and Venda. Makhadzi and Zanda Zakuza steer the ship while renowned producer Mr Brown does magic with the beats.

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