Vinka Explains Why she Keeps her Private Life Off Social Media

[Image Source: Vinka Instagram]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Vinka has opened up on why strives to keep her personal life off social media, noting that she does not have time and energy to deal with unnecessary criticism.

The Swangz Avenue star is among the few celebrities that don’t post their personal lives online, only restricting their social media pages to music and business.

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A few months ago, Vinka took a long musical break for family reasons and later delivered her first baby, catching many Ugandans by surprise.

Speaking during an interview with NTV, the 'Thank God' hit maker noted that she decided to take a back seat from social media in a bid to avoid negative energy from online bullies.

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"I went off because I had just had a baby, so I chose to keep my life off the media because I didn't want any negativity coming in,” she said.

Vinka recalled an instance when she joined the music industry in 2017, noting that she learned a tough lesson after she was bullied due to her physique.

"I didn't want any negativity coming in because I had just started my music career and there was a lot of judgment from the people. They said a lot about me; how I look like a man and so many things. This hurt me to the point that I could break down and cry," Vinka said.

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