Top 10 2021 Trending New Generation Ugandan Artists

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By Gloria

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The lockdown of the Ugandan entertainment industry for the past two years has been a setback for most artists, but a few got their breakthroughs, and ended up dominating the industry during this period.

In this article, we review ten new generation artists who have been trending in Uganda through out the year 2021:

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Azawi released her first single in 2020 and less than a year later, big things are already happening in her career. The Swangz Avenue signee released her debut album 'African Music' which was featured on New York’s Times Square Billboard.

Some of her highlights for 2021 include; releasing the new album, scooping an influencer’s deal with Guinness, and being selected among the four Africn artists set to represent Africa at the YouTube Black Voices Class of 2022.

An Known

An Known has been trending across the country thanks to his song ‘Radio Call 9’. He says he has strongly been inspired by A Pass, Ykee Benda and Mowzey Radio. A part from ‘Radio Call 9’, he has other songs that include; ‘Doctor’ and ‘Tonerabira’ among others.

Liam Voice
The 23-year old started his music career in 2018 working with the Goodlyfe crew. However, he got his big breakthrough after his songs; ‘Bus’ and ‘Omwoyo’ went viral this year. His creativity coupled with passion and great talent has made him stand out from other artists his age. He is currently trending thanks to his 'Love Olinonya' hit.

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Martha Mukisa
When she joined the music scene, Martha Mukisa had made a name as a reputable songwriter, but wasn't popular as an artist. She started gaining popularity after she signed with Black Magic records in 2020. In 2021, she got her big breakthrough after releasing her ‘Sango’ hit featuring Eddy Kenzo. Her latest releases ‘Nkulinze’and ‘Tebatukyawa’ are among the most played dance songs across the country.

Zulitums made his singing debut in mid-2020 having previously served as a music producer. He broke into the limelight with two hit songs; 'Easy' and 'Tabu' after releasing his debut 12-track album titled 'Invictus' this year. Zulitums plans on releasing his second album later this year.

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Victor Ruz
The 21-year-old is known for composing songs that melt hearts and his works spell huge potential. He is known for songs such as ‘Wansala’, ‘Love Legend’ and ‘Kako’ among others. Early this year, he won Zzina Awards' Breakthrough Artist of the year.

Mudra started out as a songwriter before he joined the professional music industry. Despite being relatively young in the industry, he has taken the music scene by storm and is currently one of the top trending artists in Uganda. In addition to his viral hit ‘Muyayu’, he has released other songs that include; ‘Gwe Amanyi’ and ‘Kimuli’ among others.

Zex Bilangilangi
Zex Bilangilangi rose to fame immediately after the lockdown was declared in Uganda in April 2020. Unlike some artists who’ve opted to take a break until the industry is re-opened, Zex vowed to keep releasing new music hoping that the move will pay off when the government finally re-opens bars and other entertainment joints. He is currently trending with his hit song 'Magazine'.

Shakira Shakiraa
Shakira has been on a roll this year, releasing back to back songs. She believes this is the right time for fans to hear her music. She has worked with top artists like David Lutalo, Zex Bilangilangi and Daddy Andre among others.

Dax Vibez
Dax Vibez is signed under his big brother; Bobi Wine's music camp and is known for his jams that include; ‘Until I Met U’, ‘Naye’ ft. Feffe Bussi, ‘Nze Wuwo’ and ‘Come By’ among others. He is currently trending with his hit song 'Leero'.

Dre Cali
Dre Cali debuted professional music in 2019 after being signed by Mpaka records. His major break-through came after he released ‘Ebisoka Nebisembayo’ in mid-2020. His brand has continued to grow even bigger this year thanks to his trending hits that include; ‘Singa Omanyi’, ‘Simanyi’ and ‘Ekifubba’ among others.

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