Bombshell Grenade Drops New Music Video ‘Good Times’ Off New Album

[Image Source: ZedJam]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Zambian Hip-hop queen Bombshell Grenade has dropped a new video dubbed ‘Good Times’ featuring Tim & Yxung Bxss off her latest album ‘Mfumu Kadzi’.

‘Good Times’ is full of optimism and a feel-good spirit as all the three artists go in hard on their verses.

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So good is the song that Mwika Musakuzi, a big critic of Zambian music admitted Bombshell did a great job with ‘Good Vibes’.

“Zambian music rarely impresses me but this is hands down an awesome song. The production is quality and top notch, the producer knew exactly what he was working with. Bombshell and Tim delivered, they were both spot on with regard to the theme and it was not a typical we are both rappers and we competing to kill each other which is so typical in the Zambian rap scene, this was a well-blended mix of different styles of rap, lyricism and delivery complimenting each other's strength in tandem and rhythm with the instrumental and theme. Great job guys and thank you Nexus for pushing music to these limits, keep it up,”Mwika opined.

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 ‘Mfumu Kadzi’ album is a composition of life lessons aimed at making Zambia a better place. The album emphasizes on women empowerment and other key societal issues.

In her witty mind, Bombshell uses a moving analogy to point out what her new album is all about. “They say it takes a village to raise a child. For me what that means is that in order for the village to raise one child, the village must be united and genuinely concerned about the next persons well -being. Let us be that village that raises a child together,” she wrote on Instagram while marketing the album.

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