T Bwoy Challenges Zambia Airways to Promote Zambian Music

[Image Source: Zambian Face]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Dancehall artist TBwoy has challenged Zambian Airways to take a proactive step in promoting the Zambian music industry. He recently proposed that the airline play Zambian music and films during flights as a way of selling the country’s culture.

The ‘Mumanikonda’ hit maker cited Emirates and South African Airlines as examples.

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“I hope we can see some Zambian music and movies on these flights as this will make our world known to many people that will use these planes. This would be good for tourism too, restaurants, bars and many entertainment places can place their ads here too. If you have been on South African airlines, emirates etc you will understand what I mean,” he wrote.

The national carrier is set to roll out five to six flights every week to Livingstone and Ndola, both high tourist traffic sites. Zambia Airways board of directors said this will commence on December 1, 2021.

This is an opportune moment especially for a season when the country is headed for the December holidays. TBwoy feels there is no better time than now to sell the music industry to international travelers.

TBwoy recently released a brand new dancehall album titled ‘Wisi Tamika’. The new album has 18 tracks featuring some big artists in Zambia among them Chef 187, T-Low, T-Sean among others. He has also included a remix of his two songs; ‘Open Your Eyes’ and ‘It Could Be You’.

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