5 Veteran Artists Who’ve Shaped Zambia’s Music Industry

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By Kinyua Mwangi

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When you mention the Zambian musician industry, some of the common names that come to mind are those of; Slap Dee, Mampi and Macky 2. Many always credit the three as being the people who have paved way for a new crop of artists in Zambia.

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However, before the three, there were veterans who also prepared the stage for them and they deserve recognition too. But, who exactly are they?


He is a pioneer gospel artist tracing his days in music back to the ‘90s. Izrael is still going strong now teaming up with his wife Nalu of the Lota House Music Label. Their songs are inspiring and full of hope on love and the gospel.

K Millan

Born Leo Moyo, K Millan is a legendary RnB and hip-hop artist. He has been in the industry since way back. His input has shaped the Zambian music industry landscape greatly.

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Danny Kaya

Born in 1979, Danny Kaya grew up showing a lot of passion in music. He started out in the church choir before forming a band and recording in the studio for the first time. An electrical engineer by profession, Danny’s music is relational and speaks of societal ills such as hypocrisy among others.

Petersen Zagaze

He is a pioneer reggae recording artist in Zambia. He started his career as a songwriter in 2002 and released his first album in 2004. He later became a reggae powerhouse in Zambia and is still going strong.

Moses Sakala

He is Zambia’s greatest recording and performing artist with riveting compositions for several generationa. He is the brother to the late Levy Sakala who he did music with for decades. They were famously known as the Sakala brothers.

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