South Africa Music News: Kwesta vs K.O: Who Rules S.A Hip-hop Charts?

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By Kinyua Mwangi

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All the way from Soweto in South Africa, rapper K.O has made it to top of the Hip-hop charts and so has his entertainment buddy Kwesta. They both share a spot in the top 10 South African Hip-hop charts. It is not an easy feat for either of them getting this far; it has taken skill, relevance and style to stay on top.

So, how do K.O and Kwesta compare? Here is a comprehensive outline of their musical stats.

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K.O traces his musical beginnings back in college where he joined a brothers’ band after leaving Vaal University of Technology. In 2005, K.O together with Ezee "Ma-E" Hanabe and Bantu "Ntukza" Hanabe went full-blown with the band identifying themselves as ‘Teargas’. Years later, K.O, 42, went solo and remains so until now.

Kwesta, 33, started out his music career in 2002. It’s been 19 years since. When he was 15, he teamed up with like-minded friends and together they formed Ghetto Fellaz rap group and later rebranded to The Juvenylz in 2003. AKA’s music career dates back to 2002. He was one of the members of the hip-hop group known as Entity which was disbanded in 2006. He later released his debut song in 2009.

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Albums and EPs

K.O has three solo studio albums and one EP. As a member of the defunct teargas hip-hop group, he is part of the group’s five studio compilations. Kwesta also has five studio albums namely; DaKAR, DaKAR II, Echoes of Kofifi, 2Skeif and g.o.d guluva. DaKAR II, his third studio album released in 2016 remains his all-time best. He sold 210,000 copies in South Africa alone making him Mzansi’s best hip-hop seller of all-time.


Kwesta has over the years won five awards at the South African Music Awards. He won them in different categories. Notably, he has won the Best Album of The Year category, Best Rap Album, Highest Airplay of The Year (Ngud’) and Best Male Artist of The Year. On his part, K.O is a recipient of South Africa Music Award and five Channel O Africa Music Video Awards.

YouTube Subscribers

K.O has 63.7K subscribers on YouTube while Kwesta has 198K YouTube subscribers.

Instagram Followers

Kwesta enjoys 1.3 million followers on Instagram while K.O has 836K followers.

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