Bebe Cool Dares Jose Chameleone to Face Him Off in Live Music Battle

[Image Source: NBS After 5 Twitter]

By Gloria

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Veteran Ugandan artist Bebe Cool has dared his counterpart Jose Chameleone to face off with him in a live music battle.

Speaking during an interview with NBS After5, the Gagamel hit maker said he decided to dare Chameleone because he feels he is the only artist that matches his hype and music quality.

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I'm still waiting for Joseph Mayanja. There is no way we should cheat this country or Africa without a battle between us. He has the music, I do too but that's a technicality between us to get which songs to perform and how to maintain the voice for hours," Bebe Cool said.

According to Bebe Cool, since both of them have been in the industry for over twenty years, now is the best time for them to go head to head.

"He told me he never wanted to battle me because he wants people to celebrate our music without comparing us. But I believe that is the biggest and best concert that the country deserves to have," he added.

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Previously, Bebe Cool had battled with his long-time nemesis Bobi Wine and the Goodlyfe Crew in concerts that created a lot of hype in the industry. Bebe Cool believes he won all these battles because he did well at studying his opponents and picking the right songs to perform.

"The battles were so technical that is why my opponents failed. I looked at their songs, listed them down, compared the beats, hype time, speed and all this helped me come up with which song to sing about," he said.

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