Dre Cali ‘Best Thing’: New Music Uganda

[Image Source: Dre Cali Instagram]

By Gloria

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Ugandan singer, songwriter Dre Cali has released a new song dubbed 'Best Thing'.

'Best Thing' puts across Dre Cali's meaning of love. Through the lyrics, you get to see that love is all about two people coming together and going up against the world, keeping the promise to protect and respect each other, and most importantly the desire to protect what you feel for each other no matter what.

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“Love is beautiful and surely is the best thing," Dre Cali said as he encouraged fans to dedicate the soong to their partners.

The audio was produced at Ykee Benda's Mpaka Records where Dre Cali is signed to.

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Meanwhile, ‘Best Thing’ is currently among the top trending songs in Uganda thanks to its deep message and numerous challenges created around it.

 "I have always wanted to give goosebumps to people when they listen to my songs but man, the challenges coming in for 'Best Thing' are giving me goosebumps. True love still exists," Dre Cali shared as he encouraged fans to keep jamming to the song.


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