Serena Bata, Nina Roz 'Gwantama': New Music Uganda

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By Gloria

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Ugandan vocalist Serena Bata has teamed up with sultry singer Nina Roz on a new song dubbed 'Gwantama'.

'Gwantama' (loosely translated from Luganda to mean 'I got fed up') is a conversation between Serena Bata and Nina Roz as they discuss relationships.

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Serena Bata takes us through the nasty experience of dating a rich man who never cared about her welfare, while Nina Roz narrates her experience with marriage referring to it as a world war.

Both artists vow never to get married again because it was never a bed of roses as they earlier perceived.

‘Gwantama’ was inspired by real life experiences of Serena Bata and Nina Roz and is full of key lessons on issues marriage.

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Nina Roz was married to fellow artist and producer Daddy Andre but the couple broke up a few months after their traditional marriage ceremony.

On her part, Serena Bata walked away from her long term relationship with her former music manager Tycoon Sipapa.

‘Gwantama’ audio was produced by Diggy Baur while the video is yet to be released. Fans are eagerly waiting for the video to visualize the message from the two artists.

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