Collo Working on Bringing Nyashinski, Roba to Christ

[Image Source: Nairobi Wire]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Renowned Kenyan artist Collo; who doubles as an ex member of the Kleptomaniax hip-hop group is currently working on bringing Nyashinski and Roba (other former members Kleptomaniax) to Christ.

Speaking during an interview with seasoned journalist Willy Mtuva at Mseto East Africa radio show, Collo said he currently stands on the gap and prays for his brothers every single morning, as he continues to hope that they will join him soon.

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“Mi nimeokoka nimetangulia but wao wanafwata tu njia. They are already on their way to Jesus. Mi nilitangulia najua wananifata. I always stand in the gap for my brothers, I pray for them every single morning. Mi si kazi yangu kuforce mtu kuokoka, hiyo ni kazi ya Holy Spirit,” he explained.

In addition, Collo cited that he has been seeing signs of both Nyashinski and Roba getting saved for a long time, adding that maybe Nyashinski is actually saved but hasn’t come out yet.

“Hizo signs niliziona kitambo sana. Ye huniskia, hiyo ni sign, tukizungumza ananiskiza, ingekuwa haniskizi ingekuwa story ingine. Ye huniambia aje, ofcourse ana acknowledge Christ as God. Perhaps hata ameokoka ni venue hajacome public. Anaeza kuwa hata aliokoka jana, remember mi niliokoa 2014 but I came public in 2016,” he added.

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During the interview, Collo also got candid about the group’s current relationship status, noting that they don’t talk as often as before due to family commitments.


“Given a chance si huzungumza. Inaeza pita weeks months but si huzungumza.

Ju before music, we were brothers. I mean tuko kwa different seasons unanipata, like tuligrow up at a certain era and a certain time kama tulikuwa tighter then. That is, we were tighter than, unaona hii season manze, new things new beginnings, you meet different people. Of course, manze ballgame imechange, saa hii tukona families zetu,” he explained.

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