Nviiri, Bensoul Announce Free Private Performances for Lucky Fans, Here’s How to Apply

[Image Source: Soko Directory]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Celebrated Kenyan artists Nviiri and Bensoul, who double as Sol Generation members, have announced private performances for lucky fans.

Taking to Instagram to announce the good news, Nviiri and Bensoul posted detailed captions explaining that they were going to pick three lucky fans, who would each enjoy private performances in the months of September, October and November.

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“Chance to win a private performance from me. That’s right. My brother and I decided that we wanted to do something special, just for you guys. We are going to pick 3 lucky super fans each (one in Sept, one in Oct and one in Nov),” Nviiri’s message read in part.

So how do you apply and stand the chance to be the lucky fan, the entry is very simple;

Step 1; follow Nviiri and Bensoul on social media platforms namely; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, if you ain’t doing so already.

Step 2; comment “done” under their announcement post on Instagram and get added to a raffle.

Step 3; watch the live show where they will pick the winners from the raffle entries.

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Apart from enjoying private performances from Nviiri and Bensoul, the winners will also get private performances from three other important personnel whom they have chosen not to reveal yet.


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