Oskido Reveals Why He is Still Relevant after 20 Years in Mzansi Music Industry

[Image Source: News24]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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When you hear the name Oskido, you can’t help but admire the zeal of staying relevant more than two decades since the start of his music career back in the day.

It is mindboggling how he’s managed to stay relevant in the industry despite new sounds, styles and new artists coming on board. For Oskido, it all boils down tothe energy he has deep inside.

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Oskido says he channels it in the right direction. “Minding your own business conserves your energy to do creative work. Focus on your life, your goals, and what you want to accomplish,” he wrote in a tweet.

He further adds that when moments of doubt and weakness come in, it is good to sit back and think of the things that made you strong, for it is in them that that your rejuvenation sits.

 “Whenever you feel weak. Remember the things that made you strong. Whenever you start to doubt yourself, Remember those who believe in you,” he added.

Oskido attributes his huge success to investing in his growth and talents. His focus was and is never in the material wealth he has acquired over time.

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“Never forget that you are your most valuable asset. It’s not a house, or a car, it’s you. Always be investing in your own talents and growth,” he advises.

Oskido made a name for himself in Kwaito, Afropop and house music. He is the founder of Kalawa Jazmee Records. His is the force behind the making of DJ Tira, Black Motion and Professor.

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