5 Top Amapiano Hits Released by Kenyan Artists

[Image Source: Trio Mio Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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The Amapiano genre has taken over the country by storm. The genre which has been spreading like wildfire during the pandemic has continued keeping netizens entertained especially during these trying times.

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Rising up to the occasion, several Kenyan artists including Trio Mio, Kagwe Mungai, Rekles, Guardian Angel and many others have released well-produced Amapiano tunes which are localized to satisfy the growing thirst for Amapiano.

This article reviews top 5 Amapiano hits which have been released by Kenyan artists:

 N’mekapitia - Trio Mio ft Tunu

‘N’mekapitia’ is an upbeat Amapiano jam about celebrating life. In the song, Trio reflects on his journey to stardom including the hardships that he has had to overcome in order to reach to the top.


‘Danger Dinji’ - Movaz Warombosaji Nation ft Brandy Maina

‘Danger Dinji’ is an upbeat Amapiano song in which Movaz and Brandy hype up a party as they welcome their friends onboard so that they can dance and enjoy together.


Chay Chay - Kagwe Mungai

‘Chay Chay’ is a well-paced Amapiano song in which Kagwe describes Nairobi’s party life. Summarizing the party life, Kagwe cites that the night begins with making our hair, having some drinks and going from one party to another as we watch out for curfew.


Weka Piano - Rekles ft Brandy Maina

‘Weka Piano’ is a groovy Amapiano jam in which Rekles and Brandy describe a fun party which they have attended, as they request the DJ to play some Amapiano tunes so that they can dance and enjoy themselves.


Pokea Moyo Wangu - Guardian Angel ft Esther Musila

Proving their artistry in today’s music scene, Guardian and his wife Esther deliver ‘Pokea Moyo Wangu’ Amapiano cover which is a prayer beseeching God to teach them love and dwell in their hearts forever.


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