Top 5 Trending Ugandan Songs in August 2021

[Image Source: Azawi Instagram]

By Gloria

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August has been a busy month in the Ugandan music scene with artists drop several hits. Most of these jams have been amazing with others continuously trending across streaming platforms throughout the month. In this article, we review the top trending songs in Uganda in August 2021.

Azawi - Slow Dancing

Slow Dancing may have been released a few days back, but it comes top among the most played songs at the moment. This masterpiece is a perfect blend of Afro-beat and Reggae. The lyrics were written by Azawi.

Ykee Benda - Obangaina

Ykee Benda’s 'Obangaina' off his new album 'Kirabo' is one of the most played songs in the country currently. Although critics have accused him of failing to do justice to the big song, the original owner of the jam Racheal Magoola gave him props for nailing his version of the song. If you enjoyed Magoola's version, you will definitely fall for Ykee Benda's version as he brings the original song back to life with unique guitars beats from Myco Ouma.

Dre Cali - 'Akayimba'

In 'Akayimba', Dre Cali dedicates the soothing lyrics to this woman whom he finds extremely beautiful. He notes that her beauty and presence is a blessing and acts as a painkiller and stress reliever that he can't stay without. ‘Akayimba’ is one of Dre Cali's singles that are preparing fans for his debut studio album expected to drop soon.

Aroma Music - Yoola ft. B2C Ent.

Music trio B2C Entertainment is known to have a golden touch when it comes to collaborations and they did justice to this song. 'Yoola' is full of promises between lovers. The video gives us a sight of the beautiful African culture through the makeup and fashion exhibited by the artists and vixens.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe - 'Katonda (Y'abadde Mw' Eno Ensonga)

In ‘Katonda’, Pastor Bugembe calls out people who don't wish others well, saying they have been put to shame by God. He encourages us to always pray to God amidst challenging situations. The song briefly explains what happens in everyday situations in life.

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