5 South African Award-winning Artists from Limpopo

[Image Source: Style You]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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In the Northwestern Province of South Africa is Limpopo, a region that is geographically and historically famous due to the iconic Limpopo River. But this is not all, Limpopo is the land of the great; it is home to some of South Africa’s biggest artists.

In case you’re wondering who these artists are, read on to find out:

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Sho Madjozi

Limpopo’s greatest wouldn’t start without mentioning the bubbly Sho Madjozi. She has two homes; Tanzania and South Africa all thanks to her family setting. However, Limpopo is dear to her as her birthplace. It still makes so much sense to her that she named a whole album ‘Limpopo Champions League’ after this great place.

Master KG

In a small village called Calais in Limpopo, Master KG honed his passion for music there at the age of 13. His late uncle gave him a computer back then and he used it to learn a few things about music. He recalls this computer is the one thing that cultivated his love for music immensely.

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King Monada

You probably know him for his talent and probably his latest controversy with Makhadzi over ‘Ganama song’. That aside, he is yet another great musical mind from Limpopo. He is a star voice behind the famous ‘Malwedhe’ song and many more.


The sassy Makhadzi is truly gifted. She is not only a talented singer, but also an epic performer. The Open Mic Productions signed artist is full of energy. She has in recent days risen to stardom with her art of great afro-soul music.

Dr Tumi

Limpopo is a great gift to Mzansi not only with secular music but also in the gospel music industry. Dr Tumi is an award-winning gospel artist out of Limpopo. He has conquered the industry with his inspirational music.

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