King Kaka, Khaligraph Lead Kenyan Artists in Condemning Police Brutality

[Image Source: Bravin Yuri Twitter]

By Lydia M Joshua

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A group of Kenyan artists has come out to condemn the increased cases of police brutality reported in the country over the past three weeks.

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Using #EndPoliceBrutalityKE, the artists joined netizens in calling for accountability among the police, after reports emerged that a man arrested for violating the curfew guidelines was allegedly shot dead by police in Kayole.

The incident sparked protests in Kayole and on social media, prompting the artists to join the conversation.

In an Instagram post, Khaligraph Jones condemned the use of curfew as an excuse to hurt citizens.

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Just too much bana, sorry been absent for a minute but s*** maze, its messed up out here, polisi wanatumia curfew kama excuse ya kuumiza Rraiyaa. Watu wanakufa Kila siku, sai Imefika mpaka Mtaa Yangu Kayole Maze, Serikali ya Kenya Imelala, ama Watu wakuje warushe Mawe uko statehouse ndio Mujue ni ukweli Raiyaa Inaumia? Cause vile kunaenda Uko ndio ni kama watu wanakuja Next,” he posted.

On his part, King Kaka said: “Police brutality, another one in Kayole. What happened to law?”

Joining them were other public figures including DJ Shiti and Ssaru, who reminded all citizens to stand together during these trying times because tomorrow it could be them or their family members.

We can't be fighting corruption, poverty and hunger and at the same time police kill the youth like bloodhounds in Kayole. Leo ni Kayole kesho ineza kua hapo kwenu #EndCurfewNow #EndPoliceBrutalityKE,” DJ Shiti tweeted.

Ssaru said: “How many people are going to die unnecessarily? Juzi ilikuwa hao ma brothers wawili, Leo ni huyo Chali wa Kayole may be kesho ni wewe .Gone are the days police used to protect and serve us,,siku hizi ni kuua tu ,,,swali ni?Cells siku hizi zimekuwa mapambo ama?

Nameless and Juliani also joined in condemning police brutality.

Really saddened by what’s happening across the country. We are one! #EndPoliceBrutalityKE,” Nameless tweeted.

As for Juliani, fighting for the rights of citizens has been his lifelong course and he is not showing signs of stopping any time soon.

In line with the #EndPoliceBrutalityKE campaign, Juliani put up a tweet stating that: “Kutabadilishwa na nani kama si sisi! Usichoke kuskuma for change.”

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