Top Trending Kenyan Songs August 2021 Featuring H_art The Band, Otile Brown, Rekles and Trio Mio

[Photo Credit: H_art the Band Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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In the past, the month of August has always been dubbed as the month of vacationing. But with the Covid-19 restrictions in place coupled with a new school calendar, netizens have found themselves occupied with other important things during this month.

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Luckily, our talented Kenyan artists including H_art The Band, Otile Brown, Maima, and others have not let us down. Instead they have been releasing new hot jams for us to listen to and get entertained even as we get used to the new normal. This article reviews the top trending songs in August 2021.

My Jaber - H_art the Band ft Brizzy Annechild

‘My Jaber’ is a Dholuo phrase which refers to ‘a lady who is very beautiful’. In this upbeat song H_art and Brizzy drop well-versed melodic lyrics as they praise their physical beauty of the special ladies in their lives. The jam which is currently trending at number one on YouTube features several celebrity guest appearances including Betty Kyalo, Willis Raburu and Kartelo.

K.O (TikTok) - Otile Brown ft Darassa

‘K.O (TikTok)’ is an upbeat jam which talks about a gorgeous girl who has knocked them out with her beautiful looks and poses. Praising all the details they find beautiful including makeup and her dressing style, Otile delivers melodious vocals, with Darassa dropping well-versed lyrics which marries Otile’s melody. The video is creatively directed to feature a popular trend on TikTok where a beautiful girl showcases their makeup before and after beating their faces.

Nthi Ino Nditei - Maima

‘Nthi Ino Nditei’ is an upbeat Kamba song which translates to ‘This World Has No Mercy’. Taking the narration route in this song, Maima expounds on the challenges he faced when he moved to the city for the first time including being turned away by his own relatives which proved to him that the world has no mercy.

Si Huchanga - Mavo On the Beat ft Rekles, Trio Mio, and Mzazi Willy Mtuva

‘Si Huchanga’ is an upbeat song that celebrates the Kenyan partying culture which involves contributions popularly done by peer groups so that they can buy drinks at a cheaper cost. The jam which was produced by Mavo gives all the featured artists enough time to shine, as they deliver well-versed lyrics which are not only captivating but catchy too.

Kila Wavanda - John Mbaka

‘Kila Wavanda’ is a kamba phrase which translates to ‘What You Plant’. In this upbeat gospel song, John references the Bible to show different situations in which people reaped what they sowed.

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