Azawi Explains Why She Doesn’t Rank Herself in the Ugandan Music Scene

[Photo Credit: Azawi Instagram]

By Gloria

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Fast-rising Ugandan singer and songwriter Azawi has explained why she doesn't rank herself in the Ugandan music industry, noting that every artist plays a different role, therefore it is unfair to rank or compete since they all musicians are unique in their own way.

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"I will not rate myself or put myself in a specific kind of rank but I'm just an artist who is contributing in the best way that I can and sharing my creativity, learning and experiencing the different things in the industry.

"I'm just playing my part because there are so many people in the industry and everyone plays a certain unique role to contribute to the industry. Personally, I feel like my presence in the industry gives me an opportunity to also be part of the creation, production of the music that comes out of Uganda or the entire continent," Azawi said.

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Azawi debuted the Ugandan music scene in 2019 with her viral hit 'Quinamino'. Ever since, music lovers started noticing and appreciating her songwriting skills and music.

Every song she released after that was a hit and despite all the success, Azawi believes she still has a long way to go for her to be ranked among the best.

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