Meet Confy: 22-Year-Old Musician Taking Rwanda by Storm

[Photo Credit: Confy Instagram]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, Confiance Munyaneza popularly known as Confy emerged as a multi-genre artist. He came into the limelight just when Rwandans needed more great music to pass away time during lockdown.

Confy has emerged as an artiste whose aim is to entertain while flexing his musical talent on different genres. It is evident in his latest musical releases for the last year.

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“Right from my childhood, I grew up with a dream of being a great musician,” he told the New Times.

He adds that his family has supported his musical dream so much that it is easy to try out different tunes and still feel happy about it. “My family also played a good role in contributing to my dreams due to the way they were also deep into music,” he divulged.

Unknown to many, Confy is only 22 years old but has managed to penetrate the music industry in Rwanda. But he knows it comes at cost, one that he is ready to pay by staying focused and disciplined all through to make it to the top.

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Confy wants to be part of Rwanda’s musical success and won’t trade this for anything. He acknowledged that music in Rwanda is growing rapidly and he wants to be part of the wave that takes it to the next level. His most popular songs are ‘Pole Pole’, ‘Jowana’ and recently released ‘Panga’.

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