Confy ‘Panga’: New Music Rwanda [Official Video]

[Photo Credit: Confy Twitter]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Celebrated Rwandan musician Confy has released a new song dubbed ‘Panga’.

If you haven’t listened to a smooth love song, Confy serves it rightfully in ‘Panga’. Everything about the song is meticulously smooth but enchanting. His choice of beats resonates well with his vocals.

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A good part of the lyrics are in Kinyarwanda and just a few English lines in the song. He handles love differently asking the other half to listen to his language of affection all for one reason; to believe in love one more time.

The beauty of it all is that Confy’s optimism in the song comes out effortlessly. “If this girl be you lover Ntagusige ngenyine Nakurekera ibyushaka Nkakugwira uwo unshaka Umutima wange utanga There I'll be lover I need your love Baby Panga Ntagusige wenyine Uri inzozii...”the song’s lyrics read in part.

Confy’s vixens are worth a million words. Rwandan beauties by every measure send a strong message of decent elegance. They don African hand-knitted attire and maintain a powerful demeanour of an African woman celebrating love.

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A fan, Shema Cedrick while commenting on the song said: ‘The real face of love keep sharing love with us wish u all the blessings from jahh.” Sano Kabayiza added: “This is good enough confy You're really up @confy na we back you.”

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