King Kaka Ranks Otile Brown Kenya’s Number One Artist

[Photo Credit: Otile Brown Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Renowned Kenyan artist King Kaka has ranked Otile Brown as Kenya’s number one artist. In an Instagram video uploaded on his page featuring Otile Brown, King asked Otile if he knew that he is currently the number one artist in the country, to which he replied that he didn’t know but accepted the validation from King Kaka.

“Nakwambia buda sijui ka unajua we ndo number one artist in the country?” King Kaka asked. “Sijui lakini King akisema, that’s a validation bro, a hundred percent,” Otile answered.

Doubling down on the validation, King announced that he was happy to be standing next to the number one artist in the country, as he recalled Otile’s determination at the start of his career when they did ‘Alivyonipenda’ hit song.

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“Nikona the number one artist in the country manze, buda I’m so proud yaani, huyu msee tukido ‘Alivyonipenda’, alikuwa na determination ingine yaani, like you could see success in this guy na bado hata hakukuwa amefika hapa, alikuwa like mi nataka vitu zangu hivi, nikasema haki huyu msee amejipanga. I think this guy is the perfect example ya if you set your mind to it, na ueke bidii, na uache tu mambo mingi, everything is possible,” he praised.

Returning the favor, Otile dubbed King Kaka to be a legend, as he expounded on their current project, adding that he hoped it would follow the success of their previous hit song ‘Alivyonipenda’ which dropped in March 2016.

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“Huyu ni legend maan, and tumetoana mbali, and the only thing is am happy that hatuja harakisha ever since our last project, which was a success, hatujai kuwa na moto ya kuwaletea kitu kingine kipya, na vitu vizuri huwa haviitaji haraka, unanielewa. Hopefully manze hii pia itafanya wonders,” he expounded.

Otile Brown is currently trending with his viral hit ‘Such Kinda Love’ featuring Jovial. ‘Such Kinda Love’ is an upbeat love song which celebrates a reverential kind of love. The song which dropped over a month ago has over 4.5 million views on YouTube.

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