H_art the Band Explain How They Came up with the Group’s Name

Talented Kenyan music group H_art the Band has opened up on how the came up with the band’s name, noting that it was inspired by their dynamism as a group.

Speaking during an interview on Jalang’o TV, Kenneth Muya; the group’s guitarist said they wanted a name that would cover all forms of art that they undertook as individuals.

”We were looking for a name that would comprise everything that we do. Mordecai alikuwa Poet, huyu alikuwa anachora, mimi nilikuwa naimba bado nafanya fashion. So H_art inamaanisha all kind of art from the heart. So the underscore is the bridge between the Heart and the art,” he explained.

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The group also detailed the inspiration behind their viral hit ‘Uliza Kiatu’, stating that the song was a result of the challenges they faced while trying to make ends meet.

Wachira Gatama, who is the renowned meticulous poet in the group noted that they were invited for a gig at South B and had to walk from Kayole to the venue for a period of two weeks.

 “So tukiwa hapo KNT, kulikuwa na play ilikuwa inahappen ya Winners Chappel ya South B. So hao wasee wa hapo wakatuambia aje, si nyinyi tunapendaga kitu mnafanya hapa Bakaola, mnaweza kuwa mnatu curtainraizia before play ianze.

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“Ndio tucurtain raise ilibidi tukuwe tunaenda rehearsal South B.So si tulikuwa tunatoka Kayoke mapema, tunapitia hiyo njia ya Dandora hivo, tunatembea hivi mdogomdogo mpaka tao, tunafika Bakaola tuna rehearse, alafu ju ni overnight rehearsal, tukitoka KNT jioni tunaenda South B, tunakatia hapo Railways kwa bridge hapo mpaka South B, tunaenda rehearsal ya usiku. Asubuhi tunatumia tu hiyo njia, tunarudi mpaka home, tunaoga, tunatoka tena tunaenda KNT, tunaenda tena mpaka South B, wiki mbili mzima,” he recalled.

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By the time the show was done, Mordecai’s Converse shoes, were in dire condition. While teasing him, the other members noted that the shoe would have a lot to say if it decided to have a chat with them, and that’s how the conversation for ‘Uliza Kiatu’ began.

 “So by the time tunamaliza hiyo show, Kiatu ya Mordecai alikuwa na Converse nyingine hapo, ilikuwa imecheka, converse ilikuwa inataka kuwa conversation. Tukasema hii kiatu ya Dexsi ikaamua kutuongelesha inaeza sema vitu mob, so ilianzia kutoka kwa hiyo conversation,’ he detailed.

 At first, they wanted to write a story detailing the struggle of the people who walked with them in the morning and evening, but later they softened the concept, to give us one of their biggest hit songs yet.

“So tulikuwa tunataka kuandika story ya struggle ya watu tunakuanga nao kila asubuhi na jioni, tukifanya hii kitu, so haikuwa inafaa kuwa love song, ilikuwa ngoma ya struggle, ndio tukaona manze maybe haifai kuwa ngumu hivo,” he added.

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