Weekend Roundup: Nikita Kering, Mr. Seed, Miracle Baby, Butita & Padi Drop New Music [Video]

[Photo Credit: Nikita Kering]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Weekends are great days to relax and refuel your soul with good music. This weekend several artists including Nikita, Mr. Seed, and others blessed us with new hot jams to brighten our days. This article is a weekend roundup, focusing on new music from our renowned Kenyan artists.

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Ex -Nikita Kering

Renowned Kenyan artist Nikita Kering thrilled fans after releasing her latest hit song dubbed ‘Ex’. ‘Ex’ is a heart wrenching jam about love, in which Nikita describes a person who craves true love, but does not want to go through a breakup. The jam which was released two days ago is already trending at number nine on YouTube with over 99,000 views.


Cheki Video - Mr. Seed ft Peter Blessing

Talented Kenyan artists Mr. Seed and Peter Blessing joined forces to release a new hit dubbed ‘Cheki Video’ ‘Cheki’ is a Slang word that means ‘Look’ and in context, the song encourages people to view their lives and see what God has done for them. The song which is just a day old has been received well and currently has over eight thousand views on YouTube.


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Ahiki - Miracle Baby

Celebrated Kenyan artist Miracle Baby surprised fans with a new Mugithi song dubbed ‘Ahiki’. ‘Ahiki’ is a Kikuyu word which translates to ‘ladies. This upbeat jam expounds on the dreams of a bachelor who loves to party with lots of girls. The video which was shot by KidRays features Miracle Baby having a great time around different ladies.


Fikra Za Bahati Reply - Butita

Top Kenyan comedian Butita released a new song in response to ‘Fikra Za Bahati’ dubbed ‘Fikra Za Bahati Reply’. The jam takes the same format as Bahati’s original jam, as Butita raps through an upbeat instrumental. In the song, Butita stands with Kenyan artists, as he responds to most of the allegations laid down in ‘Fikra Za Bahati’. The new jam has been gaining traction and already has over 47,000 YouTube views.


‘Fikra Za Bahati Parody’ - Padi

Renowned Kenyan Comedian Padi Wubonn also released a parody for Bahati’s latest jam ‘Fikra Za Bahati’. The jam creatively tackles the harsh economic times that is affecting the ordinary Kenyan citizen. Taking the format of ‘Fikra Za Bahati’ who called out different artists in his song, Padi dissects the economy giving examples of essential commodities that are getting too expensive for Kenyans.


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